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More Hoochie Mama Peace River Fishing Action!

September 23, 2010: Well I hated to leave with my last post on such a negative note so I’ll tell you that my son Timbre and I went out to the Peace River last weekend and had a good day! The … Continue reading

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Bottom Bounce Sockeye Salmon

Bottom Bounce Sockeye Salmon … The Sockeye salmon is arguably the highest sought of the five species of pacific salmon. Their deep red rich flesh is highly desirable among fisherman and food connoisseurs alike. Sockeye range in size from 5 … Continue reading

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Peace River Bull Trout & Hoochie Mama’s!

July 14, 2010: My son, Timbre, and I headed out last week for an evening fish on the Peace Rive. The quarry…. Big bulls. We headed just up stream of where the Halfway river joins the Peace. This area 5km … Continue reading

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