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Last Day Of May Kamloops Area Lakes Fishing Report

is that all you do is fish?

Adam with his last day of May 2010 rainbow!

May 31, 2010:

Decided to go fishing again today.  Life is good!

Got to the lake around 9:00 and there were already 15 boats anchored up!!!  There were only 2 boats close to my spot so I just drove right past all the boats as they stared at their indicators.  Didn’t see a single person hit a fish as I drove past. 

Anchored up, set up for long lining with a KKK and first cast within minutes I had my first fish…thought to myself “its gonna be a good day!”  A little guy so I let him go quickly and second cast, Bang! again.  Nice!

In the end, caught fish steady with the deep water chironomid all throughout the day and broke off 3 fish.  Between my buddy and I we landed between 30 and 40 fish and lost A LOT.  Biggest landed was 4 lbs. 

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that throughout the day, all those boats I drove past, I only saw 2 boats get a couple fish…You gotta love days like that!  😉


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3 Responses to Last Day Of May Kamloops Area Lakes Fishing Report

  1. Rob says:

    Dude you’re killing me!!! You’ve got to stop fishing while I’m at work cause it’s driving me crazy!! :S

    All the reports coming in are indicating that this is the week to be out – I sure hope it holds till the weekend!

    Good job … keep it up!

  2. David says:

    Great to hear! Where were you?? I am coming up on the 17th. What do think we will see in terms of hatches and fishing. It is cold in the Seattle area so are things delayed? You guys rock! – David

  3. Adam says:

    Fishing is good despite the weather. It has been a wet past month around the area but this has not stopped the hatches. Chironomids have been hatching for a while now but they are popping off in full force right now so this next week is going to be great!

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