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flyguys.net Ice Off 2014 Fishing Reports

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Well we made it through another one and with a new year comes a new…

… Official flyguys.net Northern British Columbia, BC Interior, Kamloops Area Lakes & Rivers Ice Off 2014 Fishing Reports post!

… and hopefully we don’t have to add a winter kill section this year! 😯

As before, please use the comments/reply section at the bottom of this post to share and discuss your 2014 fishing & ice off reports.

Please try to include:

  • the name of the lake or the general area πŸ˜‰ (NOT Mandatory)
  • what worked, what didn’t work, & as many other details as you care to share.
  • a picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one or two as well!

If you have a question regarding a particular lake, fly pattern or whatever, feel free to ask it here and we’ll try our best to get you an answer!

Use the subscribe options below the comments section to be notified of any followup comments & posts via e-mail … you don’t even have to comment to subscribe & your email will be kept private! πŸ™‚

For those that would like to share a little more than just a fishing report we encourage you to submit your story (along with images/video links/etc) & we’ll post it up for ya!

And last, but definitely not least … a BIG thank you to Surplus Herby’s for stepping up yet again to sponsor our 2014 fishing reports post! Be sure to stop in for all your fishing & outdoor gear needs before hitting the water this year!

That’s it folks … tight lines & good times to all! πŸ˜€

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623 Responses to flyguys.net Ice Off 2014 Fishing Reports

  1. Darryl says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it is possible to get into Warren Lake with a 4WD truck, or is it only walk in? I have heard the last km was brutal, but just how bad is it? Thank you so much in advance.



  2. Avatar photo luckofthedraw says:


    New to the site, and new to Kamloops. Been out a few times lately, most recently Jacko lake. Slow fishing for sure, 1 decent one caught on chironomid while anchor’d 25 feet off shore casting in towards the weeds. I’m thinking of heading to heffley lake tomorrow. Any tips for this lake?

    Also, I’m fairly new to fly fishing. I don’t tie my own flies so my question is where do you guys find the best price on flies. I notice the site is sponsored by surplus herbys which is where I am currently going. Cheers, hopefully I will be able to add more in the near future.

    • Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

      Welcome LOTD! I’ve always had my best luck at Heffley in the flats at the west end in about 16 feet of water. But, as always, better advise would be find where the bugs are and fish there. And yes Surplus is a good source for flies. If you can’t find what you need there we do tie custom orders from time to time. Cheers … Rob

      • Avatar photo luckofthedraw says:

        Thanks. Heffley didn’t produce well for us today. My daughter and I fished a half day on the fly with very little success. Seems it was my own fault though. I left the gas motor at home and of course it was choppy, so we never made it to the west end. Next time.

  3. airbc says:

    Fish Finder – Which one guys? Seems like the Humminbird 110 is a popular one and do want the option of using it on the boat or on the tube… Before I throw down can anyone chime in on what they like best that is portable?


    • flyfishaholic says:

      Hey air, i have the humminbird 120. Not sure what the difference is from the 110, but i love it. The sidescan feature is what i like the best. I have a strap that easily allows me to use it on both my tube and pontoon, and it comes with a C-clamp type bracket for use on the boat. It will pick up fish up to 60′ behind the sidescanner. The greyscale color does the trick, but you may want to splurge on the color screen. It takes 6 AA batteries that do last quite a while, but I don’t leave it on continuously, i’ll turn it off once I’ve located fish. All and all a great investment.

    • gkornelson says:

      +1 for the Humminbird 120. Costco.ca sells them for $170 incl. shipping. I wouldn’t bother with the colour version; the screen is harder to see in sunlight and the batteries don’t last as long, with no improvement in functionality. I use it both on my aluminum boat and belly boat. If I only had the aluminum boat, I’d probably just buy a small unit with a permanently mounted transducer, but the portability is what’s nice with the Fishin Buddys. My only complaint with it is that you’ll have to remember to pull it out of the water before going anywhere… any faster than a slow troll and it wobbles and shakes like crazy in the clamp.

    • Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

      I think Surplus has the 120 on for $159 right now πŸ˜‰

  4. Gabe Carter says:

    Took a Friend of mine that passed away’s son to Link lake on Saturday, Its a great lake that’s close to Kelowna, Peachland or Penticton if you want to take kids somewhere that they can catch a few fish. Fish are mostly 14-16″ range, with the odd 3 pound plus. We got a few anchored up on the Chronnies, and Kaden got four on red FFF trolling slow. All in about two hours, so the little dude didn’t get bored.

  5. BigFish says:

    Well went out for the first time this year with my son. He has been out several times already and I have been drooling from all the pictures he has shown me. Needless to say, he did not disappoint. He got me into this big guy and several others of the same caliber. What a day and the best birthday present I could ask for! This is what fishing is all about! Quality father/son time and beauty fish!

  6. Avatar photo Mark Y says:

    Meant to post this earlier….
    Went up to Sheridan Area May long weekend for a yearly trip, fun tournament with friends. 8 of us fished a few different lakes in the area – Earle, Faulkner, Irish, and Sheridan. All the lakes fished well despite the rain. Earle fish were hot! Faulkner fish were a little skinny – perhaps coming off the spawn – but many fish over 4 lbs were caught at all the lakes. Irish fished the best for numbers despite having winterkilled a couple years back. I fortunately caught the tournament winner at Irish using the uv leech but most of our fish were caught on a variety of chironomids (most popular were stripped peacock with red tinsel or black porno with red ribbing). I apologize for taking the 7lb fish out of Irish, it was the only one i bonked (for the tournament) and I almost always catch and release.
    Best part of the weekend was catching a trout at Irish with a pink tag, losing it, then catching it again the next day! I caught one last year from the same lake and got my 100$. They told me I should by a lottery ticket!


    Couple more pics from the May long weekend. The last day was the only sun and warmth we got and go figure, the fishing was the slowest.



  7. Avatar photo Steve41 says:

    ROCHE LAKE. Small fish 12? in shallows but not many and saw LOTS of big dead fish at south end. Must have circled the lake 4 times talking to everyone and same response no fish or a small one. Talked to a guide that had a group up there (he has fished the lake for over 20 years) and has never seen it this bad. He also mentioned that a biologist was up and took oxygen readings in the lake and said the results are to be concerned about. Due to the pine beetle devastation around the lake there has been substantial run off to the lake causing high water levels and a lot of nutrients washing into the lake. This causes a bloom and when the bloom starts to decompose it eats up the oxygen in the lake. Any one else hear of this?
    Any more reports from Roche?

    • Avatar photo Joe says:

      What you’re saying is that the increased bloom will decrease the oxygen level in the lake during the winter months; IF the ice sheet is prolonged and covered with snow to decrease the sunlight that the bloom / plants require to survive. It sounds like Roche has taken a hard hit, but hopefully a full recovery is possible with fisheries cooperation / support. A decision to utilize the technology available will maintain the lake. If the long-term affects of logging in the area is a legitimate concern as has been stated, it would only make sense that an aerator would be installed to preserve one of the best fisheries in B.C. It will take a few years of data to make that decision I’m certain. 2014 was a tough winter on more than one lake this year. It’s very unfortunate Roche was one of them.

    • hacklejockey says:

      I’m glad that a serious discussion regarding the state of the Interior lake fishery has begun. I think most of us now realize that this is not simply an aberration and things may not get better (at least in the near future). Leaving aside the climate change debate, there has been a fundamental change in the ecology of the Interior Plateau. The mountain pine beetle did a number on the pine forests, especially lodgepole and ponderosa stands. Much of the Interior was once designated as a ponderosa pine/sagebrush upland. Well, the pines are gone. The lakes within this zone were, for the most part dependent on the overall ecosystem. They are shallow and fertile. Water levels and Ph remained relatively stable. In this new and rapidly changing ecosystem, runoff into lakes has produced record high water levels and the nutrients flushing in have produced algal blooms and murky water. While there has always been some risk of winter kill especially in the shallower lakes, that danger now extends to many more lakes, as the Roche example illustrates. This is a huge problem and it is bound to get worse. It is inevitable that large fires will happen and all of that fuel on the ground will produce extremely hot and fast moving burns. What that will mean to the remaining vegetation and the lakes within the region remains to be seen but I think we can assume that it will not be good. What can be done? I don’t know but in talking to many other anglers I feel that the great fishery we all love is a thing of the past.

  8. Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

  9. mrflyfish says:

    There has been some winterkill in the area-Pass lake, Nugget lake are dead, and I was at Drum lake yesterday and saw dead fish in the water. The remaining fish were in full spawn but there sure wasn’t very many of them.

  10. Avatar photo Evan says:

    Red Lake report: Lot’s of Big Fish being caught! Rainbows to 7#’s, Brookies to 5. Alot of people having a good day up there today. Fly of the day for us was #10 black red ice cream cone. Not what was coming off but the fish didn’t seem to mind one bit! Spent most of the day netting all my wife’s fish. Almost nonstop action from 10-2:30. Great day! πŸ™‚

    Edith was producing quite well on “Roche Lake Specials” and water cleared up quite nicely since my last visit. Everything must’ve settled back down to the bottom.


  11. Avatar photo JFM says:

    My Sheridan lake report …….

    • Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

      That was a fun couple of days Johnny! Here’s a pic from our return trip a few days later …


      Great job with the camera! One of the funnest bows I’ve ever had the pleasure of tangling with and I really appreciate you capturing the moment for me! πŸ™‚

  12. Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

    Roche Stocking Update:

    Looks like Roche got 10,000 Pennask diploids and 2000 Fraser Valley triploids in addition to the original 24,000 they already put in. I’ve got mixed emotions re the FV’s … on one hand they should grow quite quickly in Roche but on the other hand … well … they put FV’s in Roche! πŸ˜₯

  13. Avatar photo Gord says:

    Back home … here’s what’s happening up north!

  14. wayne says:

    Stump is rocking and rolling rainbows to 5 kokanee to 3.5

    • Avatar photo BCFlyguys says:

      Now this is interesting! Can you spare anymore details Wayne? What are they on? Shallow? Deep? Inquiring minds want to know πŸ˜‰

  15. fishinchicken says:

    Anyone been to tunkwa lately. Wanna head there Saturday.

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