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Colin’s BIG Rainbow Day

way to go Colin!

May 8, 2010 – Colin’s Early May Monster Bow

May 8, 2010:

Decided to head out one more time before the busy week ahead of me and I convinced my friend Colin to come along. Colin has been fly fishing for a while but wanted to fine tune his chironomid fishing so we took the advice give in this last flyguy report and stuck to a lake below 3500 feet to try and take advantage of the growing chironomid hatches … and we’re glad we did! 🙂

After getting out there and getting all set up we started fishing in about 12 feet of water. After about 30 minutes without a touch and chironomids hatching all around us we decided to move out into deeper water and anchored up in about 20 feet.  About 20 minutes went by and I decided to switch things up and gave Colin a Krazy black n red to tie on while I stuck with the kkk. I also tried my luck on the other side of the boat while Colin stuck to the same side of the boat that we had been fishing.  All of a sudden the next thing I hear is the line snapping the water and Colin’s rod bent right over.  I knew this was going to be a BIG fish!  After about 5 minutes of fighting this fish, it finally shows it self about 10 feet down and it looks to be a beaut!!  More time goes by and it stays down deep, circling the boat twice.  It would just come up into sight, and then quickly disappear into the darkness of the depths.  Finally, after Colin playing this fish perfectly, I see that it is tiring and I tell Colin to lift his rod up to get the fishes head out of the water and pull it across the surface.  Sure enough, the fish cooperated and the next thing you know it is in the net!  We both look at the fish and it is much larger than we expected.  This one definitely hit up the “all you can eat” buffets down in the depths.  The fish weighed just over six pounds and was Colin’s largest rainbow he had ever caught, so we snapped some pictures and stared at the beast a little longer… What a great day!


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One Response to Colin’s BIG Rainbow Day

  1. Rob says:

    Great job guys and beautiful rainbow Colin! I’m tying up some of those black n reds and heading out tomorrow – hopefully there’s a few biguns left with out sore mouths eh! 😉

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