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More BIG Kamloops Area Lakes Rainbows


Krazy’s May 10, 2010 Eight Pound Rainbow!

May 10, 2010:

Well I’m speechless … and tired … this was one of seven bows over the 5 pound mark landed today! Sorry Bob but I think Krazy’s bumped you out of first place! 😉

holy chironomids batman!

I Wonder What They’re Eating?

Needles to say chironomids were the key – we didn’t even have to pump them to see that!!!  Anchored the boat, measured the depth, threw on a KKK and long lined them all day long!  Best action and most fun we’ve had so far this year!

It’s may and the chronies are hatching most everywhere under 4000 feet in the Kamloops area. Visit the stocking charts, pick a mid elevation lakes with good stocking history and give it a go!

Nuff said! 😉

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