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Black & Red Horseshoe Trout

… Our 3 day weekend hunt for Fraser Valley Rainbows & Eastern Brook Trout!

Kamloops Rainbow Trout!

What A Weekend!

WOW! What a weekend! When we decided to focus on fatso Fraser Valley Bows & Eastern Brook Trout this weekend we never thought we would end up with some of the monsters that we did! Kudos to our BC stocking program!

The weekend consisted of 3 days and 3 lakes … Black Lake, Red Lake &, one of our favourites, Horseshoe lake! The results were good fishing and beautiful fish at all three lakes with a bonus double digit Rainbow trout to top it all off! 😯

... Holy Moly!!!

A Beauty Double Digit BC Interior Rainbow Trout!

And the Eastern Brookies were not that shabby either!

... yummy!

A Gorgeous Eastern Brook Trout!

But wait there’s more … here’s a video clip of a nice plump FV bow caught and released:

At all three lakes the fishing was exclusively chironomid pupa during the day with micro leeches in the early morning and late evening hours. The zone was either right on or about a foot off the bottom and, although many different patterns were working, the top producing ties were the KKK, the Black N Red, the “Johnyfly” (I’ll try to get this pattern posted soon), and when the chironie action slowed down the KGB leech took up the slack!

What a blast! Can’t wait till next days off! Get out there folks … there’s still a lot of great fishing to be had!

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10 Responses to Black & Red Horseshoe Trout

  1. Ben says:

    OK boys, I couldn’t let you hog the FV rainbow & brookie section of the gallery all to yourselves!


  2. Ted says:

    Got to say guys…..AWESOME

  3. Scott says:

    Big Brookies, Huge Bows, on tiny flys, does’nt get much better.
    Nice meeting you guys, you can definitely pic the lakes.

  4. dave says:

    nice fish benny when u coming out with old soldiers again

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