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Harrison River Coho Salmon Fishing

BC Harrison River Coho Salmon Fishing - holy silver bullet batman!

Harrison River Coho Salmon Fishing

BC Harrison River Coho Salmon Fishing  …

Well we’ve returned from our trip up North and now we’re down on the Harrison River where we’ve been having a great time fishing for these wild Coho salmon! What a blast …  it is unreal … it’s just like fishing rainbow trout in Kamloops lake from shore but with a hundred times the fight!!!!!! 😀

BC Harrison River Coho Salmon Fishing

A Beauty Harrison River Coho

When we first got here you didn’t even need a lot of gear – you could catch them with spinning gear and spoons! But over the last couple of weeks the Coho fishing has slowed a bit and it’s been pretty tough to get them on spoons, but people are still catching a few fish on them.

The other method being used successfully is drift fishing with floats and pencil lead … but I think we’re going to have a specific post on this topic sometime in the future so I’ll leave it at that for now. 😉

The last two times I went out, I hooked into 2 nice chromers but lost them both.  🙁  Hopefully I get another crack at it before it dies right off. Oh well, and even if I don’t I’ve already had a bunch of great days on the water so I really can’t ask for anything more!

What a great trip!


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