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Justin’s HUGE Fall 2010 Kamloops Rainbow Trout!

way to go Justin!

Justin's Fall 2010 Kamloops Rainbow Trout!

Thought I’d post this one up for my buds son who caught this monster Kamloops Rainbow trout on a fly rod just last week!!!

Yup, while the rest of us have been tromping around the bush looking for Bullwinkle and Bambi’s dad, Justin and his Pops have been taking advantage of some of the the best fly fishing time in the Interior of British Columbia!

Fall is the time of year when the big bows really get aggressive in their feeding while trying to fatten up for the coming winter.

Floating and intermediate lines really shine this time of year as from now till ice on you can usually find the big boys gorging in the shallows on staples like shrimp, leeches, dragonfly nymphs and damsel nymphs. And if your really lucky, you may even hit a water boatman “rain” storm where you can strap on a full sink and a floating imitation and go to town!

Congrats and good work Justin!Keep it up and you’ll soon be teaching your Dad a few things! 😉


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