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Golden Scud Back Shrimp

... a simple yet deadly fresh water shrimp fly pattern!

The Golden Scud Back Shrimp!

Shrimp are present throughout the entire open water season therefor making them a very important food source for trout.  They are particularily useful in the early spring and late fall when forage for other insects is scarce as the main hatches have either yet to start or have already run their course. Their constant presence also makes them a great searching pattern!

This particular shrimp/scud fly pattern is spin off of Jack Shaw's "Baggy" shrimp but it replaces his freezer bag plastic strip with the more conventional "scud back" and of course includes a bead (I hope Jack's not rolling over in his grave).  I guess you could say it's a Baggy Shrimp on Steroids cause it sure fishes like it! 😉

... all the goods required to tie the fly!

Hooks, Beads, Dubbing, Wire & Thread ... that's it!

Here's what you'll need to tie it:

  • Thread: White 6/0
  • Hook: Togen Scud #12
  • Bead: Togen "Chartreuse Cool Bead" 3/32
  • Dubbing: Seal -Bright Yellow / Mixed with some "Ice Dub"
  • Rib: Wire - Silver / Medium
  • Head cement: "krazy" Glue

A quick note on the dubbing .......

We prepare the dubbing for this fly by mixing bright yellow seal with a small amount of ice dub - just enough ice to add some shine without over powering the mix. Next we spin the mixture into a wire dubbing brush with our home made wire dubbing brush maker. The result is a very strong wire dubbing rope that is easy to apply and lasts forever! If you don't have the means to make wire dubbing loop then a traditional dubbing loop, although not as strong, will work just fine.

OK back to the Golden Scud Back Shrimp .......

Step #1:

... it already looks "cool"!

Step 2:

... time for the scud back!

Tie a Length of Clear Scud Back Out Over the Hook Eye ...

Step 3:

Tie in the Wire Dubbing Brush .........

Step 4:

... and now the rib!

Wind Dubbing Down to Hook Bend & Tie In Wire Rib ..........

Step 5:

... it's starting to come together now!

Wind the Dubbing Brush Forward & Tie Off Behind Bead ...

Step 6:

... setting up the scud back!

Stretch the Scud Back into Position and .......

Step 7:

... looking very shrimpy now!

Wind the Wire Rib Forward (over scud back) & Tie Off.

Step 8:

The final step is to whip finish, head cement & trim up the fly as it will still be fairly bushy at this point. To do this simply use your fingers to tease all the dubbing fibers to the bottom side of the fly and then take your scissors and cut the fibers even at a level just above the hook point. When done it should look something like this:

... a simple yet deadly fresh water shrimp fly pattern!

The Finished "Golden Scud Back" Dubbed Shrimp Fly!

And there you have it folks ... the finished Golden Scud Back shrimp still water fly pattern! If you're planning on fly fishing the Interior of beautiful British Columbia don't leave home without it! 😉

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