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DIY Fishing Rod Rack

... organize your rods, auger and fishing poles with this home made DIY fishing rod rack!

After coming back from fishing one morning I was annoyed when trying to find room in the corner of my garage for my rods, or trying to make room to cram them on a shelf. I happened to have some 2×4’s, a saw, drill and screws so rather than going out to spend money at a store to fix my problem, I used what I had and in not very long I had exactly what I needed for all my fishing rods and ice auger! This simple fishing rod rack & organizer can be made however wide or short needed to fit all your fishing rods and ice auger too. Check it out …


  • 3 2×4’s (length equal to how wide you would like to built the unit)
  • Saw
  • Drill (with 1 1/2″ wood bit & screw driver attachments)
  • 3″ Wood Screws
  • Wood Stain / Varnish
  • PPE (Safety Glasses, Work Gloves, Hearing Protection, Etc.)

Instructions (for a 30″ wide unit):

1) Cut 3 2x4s at 30 inches …….

... rod rack 2x4's!

2) Mark out and drill 10 1.5 inch holes evenly apart in 2 of the 2x4s …….

3) Sand it all and stain it ……..

... drilling & sanding the rod rack!

... staining the rod rack!

4) Put two 3 inch screws in the top and bottom with the 3rd 2×4 in the middle as show in the picture below …….

... screwing the rod rack together!

5) That’s it you’re done …….

... the completed rod rack fishing pole organizer!

... the rod rack fishing rod organizer in action!To secure the rod rack to the wall, locate 2 studs and fasten the rack to them with the 3″ screws … one screw per stud should be enough but use as many as you need to ensure that it is secure.

That’s it … now go ahead and load up the rod rack with your fishing poles and ice auger and say good bye to rod clutter frustration forever!

*** Don’t have the time, space, tools or desire to build one of these yourself but could really use one? No problem! To purchase a pre made, ready to install fishing rod rack organizer for only $20.00 contact me anytime! 🙂

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