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Surplus Herby’s BC Fly Rod Combo Deal

... a flyguys / Surplus herby's fly rod combo (Dragonfly Kamloops) perfect for BC interior trophy trout!

Fly Rod Combo | Surplus Herby’s / flyguys.net Dragonfly Rod Reel Line Package Deal

Surplus Herby’s Fly Rod Reel Line Combo
Dragonfly Kamloops Fly Rod Reel & Line

This was an awesome deal while it lasted but unfortunately it has come to an end. πŸ™

Stay tuned though as we are working with Surplus Herby’s on developing another fly fishing combo! πŸ™‚

Save BIG money with Surplus Herby’s new “flyguys” BC fly rod combo – rod, reel & line fly fishing package! This fly rod combo includes everything you’ll need to best tackle the trophy rainbow trout of the beautiful BC interior at an outstanding price exclusive to members of flyguys.net! πŸ™‚

BC Fly Rod Combo | Fly Rod:

The Dragonfly “Kamloops” series fly rod is an exquisitely finished, fast action & flawlessly detailed fly rod that comes with a cordura rod & reel case & an unlimited lifetime warranty that is handled in storeyou break it, they fix or replace it, period!

... Dragonfly Kamloops fly rod combo - a flyguys favourite!

… half wells handle on the 9′ model.

... the best BC fly rod combo (dragonfly kamloops fly rod, fly reel & fly line) for the money!

… full wells handle & fighting butt on the 10′ model.

The fly rod is constructed from custom blended graphite and includes 2 ceramic stripping guides, a single up-locking black nickel reel seat with wood insert, a black nickel winding check, a hook keeper and gold accents. The 9′ model comes with a high grade half wellsΒ  handle and the 10′ model with a full wells handle andΒ  a fighting butt.

... fish on the Dragonfly Kamloops fly rod combo!

… the “Kamloops” in action!

The Dragonfly “Kamloops” fly rod is standard issue for trout junkies scouring the interior regions of British Columbia for double digit monster bows and has proven successful many times over by the BC flyguys!

In both the 9 and 10 foot models, this fly rod is sensitive enough to feel the lightest of takes, yet strong enough to pound out line and play with the big boys all day long! We set this package with 6 weights in either length to handle the big BC interior bruisers. πŸ˜‰

Although impressive, we are not recommending this rod based simply on its specifications alone … we are recommending it based on our many positive experiences successfully casting to, playing and landing some real lunker BC Interior Kamloops rainbow trout, year after year!

... a beauty BC interior trophy rainbow trout on a dragonfly kamloops fly rod combo!

.. subtle enough to feel the soft takes yet strong enough to play with the big boys!

BC Fly Rod Combo | Fly Reel:

... the perfect compliment to the dragonfly kamloops fly rod combo!The Dragonfly Kamloops series fly reel is a perfect match for the Kamloops fly rod. It is made with a matte black powder coat vented die cast frame, cool offset disc drag system, counter balanced spool & comes with 2 tough graphite composite cartridges so you will always have a second line ready to go when needed!

BC Fly Rod Combo | Fly Line:

With this package deal Surplus Herby’s will spool the Dragonfly Kamloops cartridge fly reel with 50 yards of 20 lb dacron backing AND a high quality Scientific Angler weight forward (WF) Floating Fly Line! Perfect for long lining chironomids or fishing micro leeches and nymphs under an indicator!

While you’re there I’d seriously consider getting them to spool up the spare spool for you too! πŸ˜‰

BC Fly Rod Combo | Combo Deal: (While Supplies Last)

  • Dragonfly “Kamloops” Fly Rod (9′ or 10”/2 piece/6 weight) with cordura rod/reel case & unlimited in store lifetime warranty!
  • Dragonfly Kamloops Cartridge Disc Drag Fly Reel (with extra cartridge)!
  • Scientific Angler Floating Fly line & backing (spooling included)!

Regular prices for the 9′ fly rod combo comes in at $310.00 before taxes. Exclusive price for flyguys.net members = $229.95! That’s a $80.00 savings!

Substitute a 10′ fly rod and the regular price becomes $320.00 plus before taxes. Tell them the flyguys sent you & the deal is yours for $249.95! That’s a savings Β $70.00!

* Out of town? No problem, Surplus Herby’s will ship it to you! Call 1-800-665-4533 to work out the details!

... the Dragonfly kamloops fly rod combo - more than enough for BC interior monster trout!

A Trophy Bow on a 6 Weight Dragonfly Kamloops Fly Rod Combo … No Problem!

If you’re looking for a fly rod combo, rod, reel & line fly fishing package that will get it done in the BC interior, then look no further because you simply won’t find one of this quality, at these prices, anywhere! So what are you waiting for? Get into Surplus Herby’s, get yours today and see you on the water! πŸ™‚

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  1. Shawn says:

    Picked up this package on Monday. Great deal. Thanks for hooking up with John on this one!

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