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Togens Nymph Tip Floating Fly Line Review

Togens Nymph Tip Floating Fly Line ReviewTime for a floating fly line review! This one on the Togens Nymph Line floater.

Togens describes their Nymph Fly Line as follows:

This line will take your fishing to the next level. Using a braided core with a smooth PVC coating for superior strength and function.

This line features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations. This extra supple line is built with weight distributed towards the back of the line. It is helpful in making easy roll and single handed spey casts.

The Nymph line features Max Floating Tip technology. The tip coating formula floats more than twice as high as regular floating lines. Ideal for: Nymphs, Dry Flies, Emergers, Indicators, And more. Total length: 85ft. 2 welded loops.

We received this fly line in late fall of 2019 thinking that we would get enough time on the water before ice up to be able to provide a thorough review. Mother nature had other plans. But in the end it worked out well as one of the main attributes we look for in a fly line is durability … which can really only be evaluated over time.

This review is an amalgamation of three separate micro reviews by Benny, Adam and myself. Thanks to Togen’s Fly Shop  for giving us the opportunity to provide this review …

Togens Nymph Tip Floating Fly Line Review

I received the fly line in the mail and, as usual, the shipping process from Togens was smooth and quick. packaging was plain, which was all it needed it to be, and fly line inside was as described … an 85′ floating fly line with a weighted tip with a welded loop at each end. Installed the line  and hit the water.

Memory: Initial line stretching reacted the same as my current SA Indicator Tip floater. I could feel the line stretch and lose it’s memory.

Performance: Again comparing to my current SA Indicator Tip, the Togens Nymph Tip floater felt lighter. I believe the SA’s are weighted up a half size which could be the reason for this difference. Regardless the Togen Nymph Tip floater casted well, floated high, laid relatively straight, and was sensitive enough for me to feel light takes.  The only negative I noted was that the tip offset colour, mossy green, was hard to see out on the water. No big deal when fishing with an indicator, which I think is what this line is mainly designed for, but when fishing it naked it was hard to detect subtle takes by watching the moss green nymph tip.

Durability: I put about 10 days on this line, and it continued to perform like it did on day one, but that’s not enough to come to any real conclusions on the longevity of this line.

Conclusion: 4/5 not taking the long game into account.

Togens Nymph Tip Floating Fly Line Review | Benny …

Togens nymph fly line (WF7F)
Testing rod: 9’6” 6wt Sage One

Memory: As I usually do, I piled line onto the floor of the boat, and starting from the back gently stretched the line in increments until I had got to the tip section. This gentle stretching effectively erased almost all coiling. The line lay nicely straight on the water upon casting, with very slight remnant memory. Although it was not “poker straight”, the shape in the line was relatively imperceivable, and certainly not crooked enough to impact hook sets, strike detection, etc.

Castability: As mentioned, I tested this line with a 6wt rod. Aside from the fact I don’t have a 7wt rod, I was curious to see how the line weight affected “overlining” situations, which some prefer to do.

The coating was slick enough and I could cast 50’-60’ as much of the line as I could cast of my everyday line under minimal effort conditions. In the particular situation I was in, I had to watch my backcast on really long casts, so I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to achieve a new personal best, but I could get a relatively long cast with reasonable effort. Of course, castability is totally correlated with how the coating/finish of the line holds up over time, and I can’t speculate on this.

Optics: I personally liked the color, although most floating lines tend to be brighter and greys (darker colors) are most commonly reserved for sinking lines. In particular, the “nymph tip” section is usually very bright, but was a bit duller colored on this line.

Floatation: I tested this line shortly after being out of the box and it rode high on the surface. I was able to start false casts with long stretches of line already laid out on the water.

Feel: I think it would still feel good even if I were casting the world’s worst fly line. Not that this line is that; the feel is perfectly satisfactory.

Line weight: Seems normal. I don’t usually run 7wt lines but this one certainly loaded my 6wt well. I guess in that regard, I can’t say how “true” to its weight rating it is. The diameter seems thin enough to not to affect reel capacity negatively.

Sensitivity: Good. As mentioned, the line did not lay on the water straight as an arrow but was certainly straight enough for me to be able to detect strikes and set up without having to take up slack from memory shape.

Longevity: n/a

Value: At approx. $50 CAD, the line is a great value for how it performs. Of course, a big factor in value is how the line continues to perform over time, which I can’t comment on, but out of the box it performs extremely well for a line in its price point.

Conclusion: 4.5/5 not considering longevity.

Togens Nymph Tip Floating Fly Line Review | Adam …

Appearance: The line has a nice coating to it and is not overly fat, making it easier to fit onto smaller arbour reels if necessary. The colours could be a bit brighter, especially the last 2 to 3 feet at the tip for ease of viewing your distance and strikes.

Performance: First of all, the line casts really well. It flows clean through the guides and doesn’t sag out when casting. It’s light enough to change approach angles upon every false back cast, but heavy enough to shoot straight out to obtain maximum casting distance. I’ve used the line for both indicator fishing as well as naked/retrieve, and it performs great at both. Floating high in the water is one of the main things for me and this line does just that!

Durability: I have now used the line for almost 20 fishing days and it seems to be holding up great! It has not developed any kinks or sags and all sections are still floating very high. The welded loops are quite strong as well.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5. I wish the nymph tip was a brighter, more visible colour but other than that it’s a great value at $50 CDN and I would recommend it to others.

Togens Nymph Tip Floating Fly Line Review | Conclusion …

By the time Adam was through with his review this line had over 40 days on the water and was still performing well. I think we can conclude that that durability is not an issue.

All testers found the fly line to perform well with the only real complaint being the drab colour nymph tip creating potential visibility issues when not fishing with an indicator. With this being the only notable difference between this fly line and others of up to three times the price it is incredibly easy to recommend this floater as a real value.  if you’re in the market for a new floater you can check out the Togen Nymph Line here. 🙂

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