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Those Bloody Pennasks

The lake:

... Kamloops ... a lake a day for as long as you stay!

Another Little Gem of a Kamloops Area Trout Lake!

This little beauty resides at approx. 4100 ft. about an hour out of Kamloops BC. It is stocked with Pennask AF3N’s and is rumored to currently hold bows to 10 lbs!!! Given that, along with the fact that the stocking charts confirm the possibility AND our assumption that the timing should be right for the chironomids to be pouring off …… we went fishing! 😀

Upon arrival we saw lots of these:

... fish food!

Adult Chironomid

and a few of these:

... more fish food!

Adult Mayfly

but despite our best efforts could not touch a fish with either! 🙁

So when the going get’s tough the tough get desperate and out came one of these:

... look out fishies, it's the triple f!

The Good Old Triple F leech!

Which quickly led to one of these:

... fly fishing rocks!

A Nice Little Kamloops Rainbow Trout

Netting us a throat sample like this:  😯

... Chironomid larvae

Bloodworms! (Chironomid Larvae)

WTF! Oh well, so on went one of these:

... an awesome bloodworm pattern!

Grahams Bloodworm! (one of our favs!)

Which resulted in a few little piggies like this:

... wowser!

… now that’s what we’re talking about!

And that’s fishing folks … just when you think you’ve got em figured out they throw you a curve ball!

The moral of the story: When things aren’t going as you think they should don’t give up … change it up till you find what works and fine tune from there! 😉

bye bye

bye bye …

... see ya!

… and see ya next time!

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7 Responses to Those Bloody Pennasks

  1. Ryan says:

    Nice fish Rob!
    Nice looking blood worm pattern as well! Where do you get that kind of hook?

  2. Gord Eby FGND says:

    Another supplier for hooks like that, which by the way is a york bend style hook, is Daiichi.
    1870 (bronze) larva hook. It was designed to imitate a swimming nymph and with the eye lower than the point it gives the fly a jigging action when it is retrieved with short jerks. The good thing about this model is the bend has been modified just a bit to allow for adding a bead. Hope this helps.

  3. keith says:

    Hey Rob, does that lake begin with thhe letter D & have a very bumpy ride in to it?

      • X-Hare says:

        Say Rob,
        When we met we talked about Length to LBS ratio.
        Has anyone worked out a chart as an accurate reference guide say for Triploids?

        • Rob says:

          Nice fish X- hare!

          I know most people say the formula is length x girth x girth / 800 but I have never used it so I can’t speak to how accurate it is with triploid Pennasks. For what it’s worth however, I can tell you that my experience shows (at least at the lakes I fish) that healthy 3N Pennasks after 25 inches are pretty close to a pound an inch (25″ = 5 pounds). I know of a few 10’s caught this year that were bang on 30 inches and I measured a few 26’s that indeed weighed in at right around the 6 pound mark. I also caught a 27.5 incher at this very lake last year and she weighed … you guessed it 7.5 pounds. You really got me curious now though so I guess I better start measuring girth next year to see if I can come up with a formula! 🙂

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