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Sunset fishing for Mexican Sierra!

Just back from Mexico where we made a little time to do some fishing! This is the story of a quick trip just before sunset with our good friend Tito and our new friend Capitán Cocol on-board the Lancha Verano. We were in Barra de Navidad and fishing just off some rocks about 1 km out from shore. Photo’s by the lovely Beverly! 😀

Mexico "Sierra" (AKA Spanish Mackerel) fishing!

Now I could write out the story but I thought it would be a nice change to play it out on video for you! So … here it is:

The sea was angry that day my friends ……..

What a blast! We’re heading back down real soon so stay tuned for another report! In the meantime here’s a couple more pictures!


Sierra fishing in gorgeous Mexico!

a very nice sierra!

Another silver bullet Mexican Sierra!

I’m sure more of the pictures will soon be posted on our 2010 Gallery pages so be sure to check them all out there!

Hasta Luego …….Quehaba

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Fishing ... Mexico style!
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