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Roche Lake Kamloops Fishing Report Update

April 29, 2010:

Hit Roche again today and thought I’d give a quick update even though the day was almost identical to your report from two days ago but without the chironomid action. I did see some small (and I do mean small) chironomids hatching off but was only able to land one fish using them. The big producer again today (big surprise 🙂 ) was the micro leech under the indicator but I did find that I needed to move it more than usual to elicit strikes. 

It took me a while to decide where to fish,  as nothing was really moving when I first arrived, so I tried a few spots that I thought would hold fish. It wasn’t long till I started to see some fish moving and quickly relocated to within casting distance. The move turned out to be a good decison as I was  into two back to back beauty rainbows within a few minutes and they turned out to be my biggest fish of the day! The best part though was seeing that the fish appear to be very healthy, strong and clean – I think they must have had a good winter!

The throat pump samples that I took found empty stomachs in most fish with the odd shrimp, caddis larva and snail showing up from time to time. One fish was stuffed with gammarus shrimp but I had no luck using that tactic. Fortunately, as mentioned above, the micro leech seemed to interest them despite not one leech showing in any of the throat pump samples. Oh well, it was working so I was not about to stop using it just because I didn’t understand why it was working. 😉

The day was quite windy with some sporadic rain but nothing like the storm you and JFM encountered on your last trip to Roche! All in all it was a good day with about a dozen fish landed and a few lost.

Ok that’s my story … sorry but I didn’t get any pictures from today’s trip.


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2 Responses to Roche Lake Kamloops Fishing Report Update

  1. Rob says:

    … if you would have given the chironomid as much of an opportunity as you gave that micro leech I bet you would have caught a fish with it! 🙂

  2. Adam says:

    haha very funny… ill stick with the cheezie until I see REAL chironomids hatching, not imaginary ones flying through the air 😉

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