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Paul Lake Kamloops Area Fishing Report

See … we told you it was only gunna get better!

Fat April Rainbow

Holy Fatso Batman! (Nice Fish Too!)

It was overcast, rainy and windy but that didn’t stop the chironomid pupae  from making their way to the surface! I guess nobody told them that the weather wasn’t going to be the greatest today so the tiny (size 16 – 18) little limey’s did what they do best and started popping off the 42 degree water surface at about 10 AM and didn’t stop till about 3 PM! Not wanting to miss the feast the bows weren’t far behind the pupae and therefore were easy (ok easier – it’s never really easy) to find making for an interesting day of fishing!

Over the last few days we have seen chironomids hatching off at every lake we’ve fished up to about the 2500 foot elevation mark. These hatches will continue and grow stronger around this level for approximatley the next month and this means the fishing will also get better at lakes in that range!

To ensure that you’re choosing lakes in this currently productive zone, and therefore optimizing your chances to hit a chironomid hatch,  be sure to check out and utilize our BC lakes on Google Earth page. This page contains the the Google earth link that provides elevation (and much more relevant fishing information) for every lake in BC! It is an invaluable tool and is highly recommended by flyguys.net!

One more day off and it’s supposed to be sunny so we’ll most likely have another Kamloops area fishing report tomorrow! Stay tuned folks …….

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