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Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing!

Great sturgeon fishing this year so I thought I’d give an update!

Our October Posse caught & released 19 sturgeon with Bill catching a 6 1/2 footer!

what a hog!

a beauty Fraser River sturgeon!

In November we went out & caught & released another 15 sturgeon with the largest being 7′ & a 6′ & 5′ were also caught! Great days both days! Congrats to Gary on catching the smallest bull! 😉

Bill from Hagen caught a very unique Sturgeon …… a tailless sturgeon! 😯 A seal must have got it at a early age. Although it had no tail you never would have known it as it gave a great fight to Bill! The sturgeon appeared healthy & was full of fight. When it was released it swam back to the murky depths of the Fraser River……

where's the tail???

a unique Fraser River "tailless" sturgeon!!!

Can’t wait to do it all again!!!


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