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Boxing Day Rainbows

Well it’s been a hell of a year and what better way to wind it up than a boxing day ice fishing trip with family & friends!


Genna with a PIG of a boxing day rainbow trout!

So after a quick check of the weather and the solunar tables we packed up the gear, bundled up the kids and headed for the hills! The tables indicated a major feed in the wee hours of the morning but that was just too early for the kids so we resisted rushing to meet the major and targeted the minor feed – a comfortable 12 noonish! šŸ™‚

When we finally arrived at the lake we were surprised to find that we were the only ones there.Ā  A bit worried that perhaps the bite was off we set up anyway to test out the situation for ourselves. Fifteen minutesĀ  later and ……. nothing. A half hour later and ……. still nothing. And then, just as we were about ready to pull out the gear and relocate to a different area of the lake, it happened! Down goes the bobber, set goes the hook, and the fight is on till finally a beautiful fat silver football of a rainbow trout is coaxed out through the ice!

Whatever happened next really wouldn’t have mattered but the fishing Gods were smiling upon us and the next couple of hours were spent catching and releasing numerous fish as well as bonking a few select ones for the BBQ that evening. Here’s a short clip of some of the days highlights!

Pictures of our last few ice fishing trips can be found on our Gallery Page, and if you need more information on how to ice fish then just check out our ice fishing 101 post!

So that’s it folks. With the weather expected to get much colder over the next few days it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be making any more trips before the new year. A bit sad that the year is over šŸ™ but looking back we couldn’t have wished for it to have been any better šŸ™‚ ! And besides … 2011 is only a few days away! šŸ˜‰

And on that note … from all of us here at flyguys.net we would like to wish you and yours a happy holiday season and tight lines and straight shooting for 2011!

……. Rob

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4 Responses to Boxing Day Rainbows

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks to everyone at flyguys for all the info you provide from fly patterns,recipes on how to cook the fish, and all the other good stuff on your site.
    All the best to you in 2011.

  2. Bruce says:

    Hi Fly Guys,

    I read your Boxing Day Blog which gave me the itch to Ice Fish.

    I have never been ice fishing before and would like to give it a try.

    I read your Ice Fishing 101 guide (thank you so much) and will collect the gear that I need.

    I was hoping that you could suggest a couple of lakes to try in the
    upcoming weeks?

    I live in Kamloops and only have a car to get to the lakes with so I need
    a fairly clear road.

    Thanks in advance!


    • Rob says:

      Hi Bruce,

      Glad to hear we peeked your interest!

      For lakes to ice fish around Kamloops with car only access you could try Hefley (both big & little), Edith, Horseshoe (might have to walk in the last couple hundred yards or so), Red, Stake, Lac Le Jeune and Pinantan.

      If you’re interested in Brookies go with either Edith, Horseshoe or Red … the others are rainbow only.

      If you’re not too concerned about catching Brookies then I would lean towards Hefley as we heard it’s been fishing good lately.

      Hope that helps. Good luck and be sure to let us know how you make out!

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