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flyguys.net Ice Off 2020 Fishing Reports

2020 Fishing Reports post Sponsored by …….

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And with the new year comes the new…….

… Official flyguys.net Northern British Columbia, BC Interior, Kamloops Area Lakes & Rivers Ice Off 2020 Fishing Reports post!

As before, please use the comments/reply section at the bottom of this post to share and discuss your 2020 fishing reports, ice off reports, and even (but hopefully not) winter kill reports. Where did you go (not mandatory)? What worked? What didn’t work? General or specific questions about a fly, a technique, or whatever … feel free to ask it here and we’ll try our best to get you an answer! Oh, and a picture is worth a thousand words so please feel free to include one if you can (just include image link in your comment 😉 )!

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For those that would like to share a little more than just 2020 fishing reports we encourage you to submit your story (along with images/video links/etc) & we’ll throw it up in a stand alone post for ya! 🙂

And continuing from last years debut …….

Historic (& Live for 2020) BC Interior Ice Off Chart

Please post ice off info in the comments below and we will update the 2020 column!

That’s it folks … tight lines & good times to all! 😀

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161 Responses to flyguys.net Ice Off 2020 Fishing Reports

  1. Dragon Fly says:

    The hatchery guys from Summerland stocked Isobel today with 3,500 Fraser Valley catchables . Larger number than usual was based on reports of winter kill. Great place to take the kids!

  2. Armadillo Armadillo says:

    Went fishing near 100 mile house and caught fish….mosquitos were pesky on shore so I did not stay on shore ….not much of a story but at least a story

  3. Hew-Mongus says:

    Wow, been pretty quiet around here for a couple months…
    So I hit Tunkwa for 5 days over the long weekend in August. Fishing was a real challenge, I was lucky to get 1 fish each day, and a rare 2 on one of the days. Lots of people didn’t catch any ! Throat pumps produced zero cronies, just didn’t happen this year.
    However, I went this past weekend, and the hatch is insane ! Massive bombers as you would expect from Tunkwa, but later than the past few years. I had an amazing day and landed 19 on Friday, with the first catch being over 4 lbs.
    I left around noon Saturday and counted 125 boats ! The resort fishing report has obviously told all us fisherpeeps that the bite is on. Funny how so many boats were all piled up between the Provincial camp, and the resort. Must be going off in that area. I stayed on the opposite end where I was the only boat for most of the day. I think I counted 3, for all day over by me. So much nicer, and my music didn’t bother anyone either. Cheers

  4. Chris K says:

    Fished a little lake 30 minutes from Kamloops today up at 4300’ with my father in-law. Surface temperature was 58.5 F with lots of fish rolling on the surface taking flying ants and the odd traveller sedge. I didn’t have any sedge pupae patterns or dry flys in my box so I tied on a little rabbit strip sparkle damsel pattern Rob put together and fished it on a type 2 intermediate sinking line anchored in 20-25’ of water casting in shallow and retrieving it to deeper water. We landed 15 fish between 3 and 5 pounds. They measured between 21 and 24”. Half looked to be Fraser Valleys and half Pennasks. The “boat launch” was brutal as always but the fishing more than made up for it. Looking forward to a few more weeks when the water really starts to cool and they get super aggressive.

    Tight Lines…..

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