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Deep Lake Kamloops Fishing Report

……. Who says you can’t fly fish from shore???

Well, being such a beautiful day out today, I decided to go for a hike up to Deep Lake and do some fishing.

Deep lake is located in the Lac du Bois Grasslands. It’s a small but deep walk in only lake about a 20 minute hike up from Westsyde road. Deep lake offers some good shore fishing for both Rainbow and Brook trout to about 2 pounds – although I have been surprised with the occasional “lunker”!

I ended up landing lots of fish. I was fishing with a leech under an indicator from shore. Looks like the big ones are not in there anymore … perhaps dead from winter kill last year … a lot of small, but super fat bows though that are gonna be some nice fish next year and the year after!

Sorry no pics … Adam

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9 Responses to Deep Lake Kamloops Fishing Report

  1. Rob says:

    Sounds like fun Adam ……. thanks for the report!

  2. Braeden says:

    went up there the other day, tryed evrything, not a bite… friends went up got a couple…. only fish under a pound…. its sure changed over the years

    • Rob says:

      Ya if I recall correctly it killed a couple years back so what you’re seeing now is what was restocked last year. The good news is that it grows them pretty fast so if it makes it through the winter it should be full of some fat little footballs next spring! 😉

  3. Evan says:

    Looks like this hasn’t been updated in a while…

    Summer 2012:
    Upon my first trip up there last summer of 2012 accompanied by my wife, she landed a Rainbow just shy of 4lb’s in the first five minutes of being there. We have since gone back on several occasions and always done well considering it is an extremely small lake that can, at times, receive alot of fishing pressure for it’s seclusion.

    Ice fishing Deep this weekend:
    I was very curious how the Brookies were growing since last year. Unfortunately they are still quite small, averaging 10-11 inches and haven’t really started to fatten up yet. But there is an abundance of them in there and are still very easy to catch. A great place to take young kids for some excitement, because your almost guaranteed lot’s of action! We were doing a lot of Catch and release, and killed a few that had been gilled really bad or swallowed the hooks…There are still the few odd Rainbow’s left, but not many. If your lucky and manage to catch one, you’re looking at a 2.5 – 3lb average.

    I have many pictures and short video clips of fishing up at Deep from 2012 and recently, I can share also,

    ( I was really hoping to upload a very cool, humorous little video ( 26 seconds)of my daughter reeling in a nice Bow from Deep this weekend for everyone on the reports page but it seemed to be taking hours, so I guess maybe another time.) For now, I guess I’ll leave with a post of two nice Bow’s we got from Deep this weekend. Because I can only upload two pictures at a time, perhaps maybe I will come back to post a picture of the Lake later on.

    I look forward to fishing there come Fall when those Brookies are nice a Fat! 😉
    It will be a perfect place for me to learn to fly fish! 🙂

    It was last stocked with Rainbow in May of 2011 (1500 Triploid), and last stocked with Brook in late-April of 2012 (2000 All Female Triploid), both of which, all fingerlings.The daily take home quota is two fish a person and the hike up is very steep at points and takes anywhere between 20-30 minutes but also has another slightly longer route to the top, without so much of the sharp inclines.

    – TightLines Everyone!

    (Shyanne’s got her MEAN-FACE ON! That came out of nowhere! lol)

    • Evan says:

      I decided to start making some Fishing videos and posting them to youtube as a little hobby in the future…here’s a short vid I made:


      (we still have some work to do on on her release techniques!)

    • Rob says:

      Nice report & awesome pics & video! 😀 I’ve embedded the vid so it can be viewed here instead of having to go to youtube.

      This post is from a 2011 deep lake report so I’,m not sure it will get much response here … you may want to consider moving it all to the 2013 reports post 😉

  4. Adam says:

    Very nice Evan! Thanks for sharing! I will have to get up there at least once this winter…

  5. Ben says:

    Super cool – Great to see your daughter having a blast!

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