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Blackwater Smackdown

... what a rocket!

A gorgeous blackwater strain rainbow trout!

So after having a great year so far on Pennasks, and hammering some huge Fraser Valley’s & Brook Trout as well, we thought we’d spend a day targeting some Blackwater strain Kamloops Rainbow trout. We hit the stocking charts and did our homework and finally narrowed it down to a lake that we though had some real potential …. and boy did we hit the jack pot!  What a day!

This particular lake is less than an hour from Kamloops BC and sits at just under 4000 ft. We arrived at the lake around 9 AM and immediately began a tour of the lake to try and determine our best strategy. It didn’t take long to see that the chronies were going to cooperate so we didn’t waste any more time and quickly got set up.

The day actually started out quite slow but as the water warmed and more and more chronies began coming off the fishing gradually picked up but the fish were not as big as we thought they should be given the age class that it held. Thinking that we were perhaps not in a prime feeding zone we relocated and were almost instantly rewarded with a pig of a rainbow approaching 10 lbs! 😯

... holy moly!!!

A beauty monster Kamloops rainbow trout!

OK we were definitely in the right zone and after a quick throat sample to get dialed in the rest of the day was what memories are made of with good action and exceptional bows!

... nice fish!

… another gorgeous bow!

... bye bye little fishy!

… putting her back to fight another day!

The fly of the day was a black with red rib chironomid pupa imitation tied on a size 10 Togen scud hook. Of all the patterns we tried this was the one that best resembled the bomber size bugs that were pouring off the water and, therefore, the one that gave us our best results. We fished this pattern one foot off the bottom and continued to be rewarded for our efforts!

Here’s a video clip of some of the action!

And then, like all good things, the hatch subsided and it all slowly came to an end. But what a ride it was and what a great way to wind up our 2011 BC interior spring fly fishing season! …… now bring on the summer mayfly and caddis!!! 😉

Tight lines everyone ………….

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