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BC Lake Information on Google Earth!

Sorry this app is no longer supported. Please visit our BC Interior Stillwater Resource pages here.

This application combines the best of Google Earth with information compiled and provided by Go Fish BC. The result is a tool that displays a wealth of relevant lake & fishing information right in Google Earth! Not only will you see name labels for almost every lake in the province, but you can also open a menu on each lake showing all sorts of lake information including stocking charts! This is an incredibly useful tool for fishermen and comes highly recommended by flyguys.net!

The application requires that you have Google Earth installed on your computer. If you don’t you can get it here.

Once Google earth is installed, simply click our BC Lakes on Google Earth link and then select ‘open’. The application will automatically open and load into Google Earth! For your convenience, this link is also provided under ‘Fishing Resources’ in the left menu bar of every flyguys.net web page.

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3 Responses to BC Lake Information on Google Earth!

  1. Marty says:

    I can’t find a link to the app. I have google earth. Help please

  2. Marty says:

    Very frustrating! I don’t have a left menu bar. Im on an ipad. How about a link?

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