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FGN Create A Hatch Chironomid Pupa

OK Joe this one's for you!  😉

double your pleasure...

The Flyguys North Create A Hatch Chironomid Pupae!

Here's a cool little chironomid pupa pattern shared with us by Gord and the boys from Flyguys Northern Division! And as good as it is up North, we have proven it successful through out the BC interior as well! 😀

This particular Create A Hatch Chironomid Pupa fly is tied in black and red (one of our most favourite chironomid colour combination's) and on a Mustad 9671 size #6 hook. The concept is the same no matter the colour choice or hook size so switch it up till you find the ingredients that match the particular hatch you're looking for.

OK here's the materials you will need for the Create A Hatch Chironomid Pupa:

  • Hook: Mustad 9671 - Size #6
  • Bead: White Glass (check out your local bead shop!)
  • Body: Black 6/0 Tying Thread
  • Rib: Small Red Halo Tinsel (wire will work as well!)
  • Sheen: Loctite (AKA krazy glue!)

And here's how to tie the Create A Hatch Chironomid Pupa:

Fish the Create A Hatch Chironomid Pupa fly as you would any other chironomid pupa pattern, long lining with a floater or deep water chironomid fishing with a sinker, depending on how deep the chironomids are sitting. Either way if the fish are on chironies this pattern will catch fish if you can get it, and keep it, in the zone!

That's it folks! ....... Enjoy!

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