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Tunkwa Leighton Lake Ice Fishing Report

... now there's a fatso trout!

A Beauty 5.5 pound Tunkwa Lake Rainbow Trout!

Got in touch with Al from the Tunkwa Lake Resort to find out how the ice fishing has been going and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard!

While the ice fishing everywhere else seems to have slowed right down both Tunkwa and Leighton are still producing quite nicely for those that are willing to put in the time!

First of all for those of you that may not have heard about these two little gems … Tunkwa is listed in the top 10 provincial rainbow trout fisheries and is world famous for its extra large Kamloops Rainbow trout – and it was chosen as a venue for the 1993 World Fly Fishing Championships because of it! As of last year both Tunkwa and Leighton lakes are open for fishing year round with the regulations currently enabling all legal forms of fishing including fly fishing, bait fishing, artificial lures and now ice fishing!

OK back to the report ……….

According to Al  they had a full crew at the resort last weekend and lots of fish coming in. Tunkwa has been a bit harder to fish, and therefore has had relatively light fishing pressure, but it has been producing some very nice rainbows into the 5lbs range!

Leighton has been fishing a bit better, and therefore taking most of the angling pressure, with good numbers most days but slightly smaller sized bows than Tunkwa.

... another Tunkwa lake beauty!

… cooked shrimp does the trick!

At both lakes the best bait has still been cooked shrimp, but lures tipped with dew worms have been catching trout at times as well. Small jigs tipped with 3 or 4 pink maggots have been tricking hits out the rainbows when they are being a bit fussy.

Just a word of warning that the access into Leighton has been questionable with more than one vehicle getting stuck trying to get in. Good for the local tow truck driver but a sure way to ruin your day so make sure you have a 4×4 and some “stuck” gear if your planning to head for Leighton.

For those of you that are looking to make a bit of a holiday out of it,  you really need to get in contact with the fellows at the Tunkwa Lake Resort and ask about the winter getaway package that they are currently offering! The resort  offers luxurious cabins with all the amenities and, best of all, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly  staff with lots of experience and advice on how to catch those BIG Kamloops Rainbow trout!

... relaxation, comfort and BIG fish!

Tunkwa Lake Resort … relaxation, comfort and BIG fish!

And in case you would like to check out what’s happening in the area before you head out, they also host and maintain the Tunkwa Lake Web Cam and an  up to date Tunkwa Lake Fishing Report for your convenience! This is truly a first class operation so if you’re looking for a place to vacation, close to nature and with the option to partake in a variety of outdoor activities, we highly recommend that you hook up with the fellows at the Tunkwa Lake Resort – and don’t forget to tell them that the flyguys sent ya! 😉

So that’s the report folks.  If you’re still willing the fish at Tunkwa and Leighton are still doing their part so get up there and give it a shot!

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