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Roche Lake Kamloops Area Ice Off Report

April 18, 2010: 

With the weather so nice I decided to take what has lately become my weekly trip up to check out a few of the awesome Kamloops area fly fishing lakes around Roche lake. As last week I made a big loop cruising by Roche, Frisken, Bulman, Ernest, Bog, Black, Rose, Tulip, Horseshoe, John Frank, Campbell, Scuitto and Bleeker lakes! Unlike last week, however, the warm weather has paid off because they weren’t all covered with ice! 🙂

OK here’s the good news:  Campbell, Scuitto, Bleeker and Tom Campbell lakes are all ice free! The rest of the lakes are not far behind with wide open shores and the ice that remains is soft and rotting! My prediction is that as long as the weather holds all of the lakes in the area will be full ice off by the end of this weekend!

Talked to some guys at Bleeker and they said they were having some success with olive micro leeches under an indicator. Hey Rob I think it’s about time for an article on fishing leeches this way eh 😉

For a visual on the lakes in this report check out our previous Roche lake area map post! You can also check out the ice & thaw status of many other great Kamloops area fly fishing lakes on our web cams page!

Sorry but I didn’t get any pictures this trip.

Tight lines …….JeFF

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One Response to Roche Lake Kamloops Area Ice Off Report

  1. Rob says:

    Another great report – thanks again JeFF!

    PS: There is already an article on our site about fishing micro leeches under indicators but just the same I’ll add a post on it sometime this week! 🙂


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