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Pass Lake Kamloops May Long Weekend Fishing Report

My five pound Pass Lake Rainbow

2010 May Long Weekend:

Pass lake is a little gem of a lake located about 20 minutes from Kamloops heading north up the Lac Du Bois Rd.  It is a trophy fly fishing only lake that is well know among the locals and visitors alike for it’s monster fish. Unfortunately, the lake suffered a kill a few years back but thanks to our excellent stocking program it is already back on track to regaining it’s high quality fishery status! It had been a few years since we ventured to the BC interior to fish Pass lake but this May long weekend we were back and despite a bit of a different look around the edges it was just as we had remembered it.

While we were there the weather was very cold and we had all seasons, making the fishing somewhat moody. The barometer was all over the place and we were bundled right up and cold, then the sun would come up and it would be hot for maybe 20 min. Needless to say this made for some very spotty fishing as the lake would be dead and for hours we wouldn’t see anyone catch a fish and then all of a sudden get a couple and then dead again. Did I mention the fishing was moody???   😕 Oh ya we also had a torrential downpour, and the skies couldn’t decide what they were doing. Oh well, so much for the weather … from what I hear it was typical for the May long weekend in kamloops.

On our first night out I got 2 fish averaging about 2.5 – 3 pounds. On our second day I got a 5 pound beauty (The picture sure doesn’t do it justice).  This fish gave me the most exciting fight ever, my arms were killing me by the time I finally landed him.  It made my entire trip!!!

Overall the whole weekend the fishing was pretty slow. I think I caught about six fish total, and my husband and our friend about the same.  We saw a few other people catching fish, but nothing too big; although one other fellow in a belly boat lost a big one we watched him fight. We were fishing chironomids but only getting a few hits on those, although I did get one decent one on a ribbed red chromie. Got the most hits on the red doc spratley and also on a green spratley.  I didn’t catch any on a leech.

Despite the weather and the slow fishing, the fish we did catch and the beauty of the lake its self were spectacular – I would love to go back!


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