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Long Distance Rainbow Love

Long Distance Rainbow Love
BC Fly Fishing Vacation Report from Japan

Editors Note: A few months ago we received an email from a fellow in Japan asking for information on a fly fishing vacation in the BC Interior. His name was Atsu and he and his wife were planning a trip to BC in early September, and part of their plans included fly fishing Kamloops area lakes like Roche and Tunkwa. Over the next month or so we kept him up to date on the fishing status of the two lakes as well as provided him with fishing tips in hopes of  increasing his chances of success when he got here.  I think we were as excited about him coming to fish our province as he was, and were very happy that our little website was reaching out and helping people all over the world learn about the abundant and prolific fly fishing opportunities of beautiful British Columbia Canada! Atsu & his wife finally arrived in BC on September 1, all geared up with equipment and knowledge, ready to go face to face with our famous Kamloops rainbow trout!  Atsu was good enough to write out a short summary of his visit which we are honored to post right here on flyguys.net!

Hello from Japan!  

During September 1 – September 10 that I went to Vancouver with my wife to doing fishing and travel. Rob at flyguys.net support me in the situation and fly pattern in Kamloops area that is help to bring all my tackle in Kamloops area.  I’m started tying some of Chironomid, Micro leech, Shrimp, and etc based with advice from Rob.

On this trip, I bring:

  • Tackle 1: Loop Multi #5, Loop Opti with Loop stream line
  • Tackle 2: Loop Adventure #5, Loop Opti with Loop stream line
  • Tackle 3: Echo Ion #6, TIMCO VLA with science angler Type2
  • Tackle 4: Daiwa Lochmor #7, Daiwa Lochmor with Airflow Delta shooting head
  • Also just for case if fish stay at deep situation that I bring all sinking type with Airflo Polyleader.

September 2 in the afternoon till September 3:

I try to fish in Roche lake.

At first that I put Micro leech pattern in my sinking tackle and try to troll around on a lake for searching where is fish stay. Feed back from Roche lake resort that fishing is so slow at moment. So I cant get any sign from fish.

Later, near by Monster bay that I found 12 ft line so I try Chironomid pattern with Quick strike indicator. I got one short bite but cant catch it.

September 2 in the afternoon is end of this bite.

September 3:

I got some idea for first day, so next day on September 3 that I try weed bed near by resort. Also I saw some big leech swim around lake so I decide my bait for next day. I use micro leech pattern with Type 2 lines and got first beautiful Kamloops rainbow! 😀

Here is the video which I took:

It is good start but after that is silent and cant catch any fish in Roche lake.

September 4:

We went to trip to Banff to check out Lake Louise.  It was sooo beautiful and now I know why there is powerful Rainbow in Canada.

Here is video which I took:

September 5, 2010:

We are back to Kamloops to stay at Tunkwa lake resort. Resort manager Al send me some great information for pattern and situation in Tunkwa so I try my best in there. We stay at beautiful Luxury cabin and I think it is one of best cabin for my life! In the afternoon that I try to troll to search around Tunkwa lake with Type 2 and Type 4. I put Micro leech and Pumpkin head. At PM17:00 that I got first fish with Pumpkin head and stomach sample shows big chironomid! But is is pretty late time to see indicator so I continued with sinking line for searching fish. I got second fish on PM18:00 with micro leech( black and red) that is my last fish for day.

September 6, 2010:

That is my last day for Kamloops, so I’m rush for fishing. Early in the morning that fish fider shows fish looks stay deep so I try to find sharrow area to doing chronomid pattern. I got my 3rd fish in Tunkawa and took inside water movie!!

Here is video which I took:

It was small fish but it is one of my memorial fish to take swimming inside of water!

In the afternoon that Al said try shallow line near by resort so I went 12ft line with my wife. My wife is fishing beginner and no cast from boat and put indicator just 9ft from boat. But here is big story that she hooked on big one!!

Here is video which I took:

It looks like good size but finally fish hooked out!

She was so exciting and even she don’t like fishing but she said she wanna catch those fish in future. That is really good!!! 😀

That is our final day in Kamloops.

I just wanna say thank you to Rob and flyguys.net and all of who makes excellent advice to us and I’m so sure to coming back in Kamloops!!

That is my BC Fly Fishing Vacation Report from Japan …

Tight lines,

Atsu Hosaka from Japan

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About Atsu

I love fishing in BC Canada so much I came from Japan to do it!
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3 Responses to Long Distance Rainbow Love

  1. Rob says:

    Nicely done Atsu and thank you very much for the report!

    It is unfortunate that we did not get the chance to meet you and your wife personally but we are very glad to have been able to help you out with fishing and contact information! Now that you’ve got the itch we know you’ll be back! When that time comes please let us know and we will be sure to make the time to spend a day of BC interior fishing with you!

    Best Regards

  2. Rob says:

    That would be great Atsu! We would love to see posts sharing some of your fishing adventures in Japan!

    Oh and I almost forgot … for any of you that are interested you can check out Atsu’s blog at http://ameblo.jp/a2maxkun/ ! (It’s mostly in Japanese but there are some pretty kewl videos and pictures!) 😉

  3. Atsu says:

    Hi Rob!

    Anytime Rob!

    Sorry for my english writting if that isnt make sence.
    And hello for all of who is in Flyguys.net!!

    I will send some information for fishing in Japan next time!

    Thank you for all and see you someday!!

    Tight lines,
    [email protected]

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