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Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing With Mom

way to go mom!

Mom & I with a beauty 5 footer!

June 13, 2010:

Decided to take a quick day trip to the mighty Fraser to do some sturgeon fishing.  The river was a little high so my usual fishing spots were not even accesible, but there was one hole that was still fishable with a good back eddy.

SoI rigged up and out flew the bait with 200 lb test tailing behind it.  After about 15 minutes in the rod holder, I noticed the rod tip make a funny movement so I quickly picked up the rod and felt that there was something definitely playing with it on the other end.  Then suddenly, the bait was picked up off the bottom and the rod went slack.  I quickly gave it a few reels and set the hook.

Fish on!

Right away the sturgeon quickly made a very fast run and almost pulled me into the Fraser..had my drag set a little too tight.  Then it ran upsteam and pulsed for a while taking line with each pulse.        😕

This was the first time my mom had come down with me to do this so I handed off the rod to her to feel the power of the fish on the end.  About 5 seconds after I handed it to her, the sturgeon ran towards shore and jumped right out of the water 15 feet directly in front of us!  She then paniced and almost threw the rod back to me.  This was her first time ever seeing a real live sturgeon!

I then played the beast a little longer before eventually getting it close enough to shore to tail it.  We then snapped a few quick pictures with it and released it back unharmed.  This will definitely be an experience that my mom will never forget though.  This was her first time sturgeon fishing, but it wont be her last.


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