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Bob’s End of April Triple Lunker Day


Bob’s Six Pound April Bow Ready to be Released!

April 30, 2010:

What a great day! My best ever … got a five pound bow at 10:00 am on a micro leech and then after celebrating and enjoying the moment 15 min later I get another bow that I don’t see but rips me out 75 yards and this guy is without a doubt a bigger fish! ……What a rush but as the saying goes they don’t get big for no reason and this one escapes me.

Another spot and two hours later I get this six pounder that is just a beauty…… only allowed one over 50 so back he goes and is still out there for someone else!

Amazing same fly for all three big fish! I was at the lake by 6:00 am and fished until 4pm and prior to today had two days before this day that I did nothing but finally was rewarded.


PS: I just have to chime in here and let everyone know that although this is a gorgeous fish it is not Bob’s biggest of the year as he already pulled a bigger boy out of the same hole a couple weeks back! And since Bob didn’t mention the lake I won’t either but I can tell you that it is one of the many mid elevation Kamloops area lakes that holds  fish this size – so pick one and get out there and try your luck cause you definitely won’t catch one sitting on the couch. 😉

Way to go Bob, persistence pays off and to date this year you’re the top ‘flyguy’! Thanks for sharing your story and the picture!


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