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  1. mardmen
    May 10, 2021

    I first learned about the pornomid from the crusty old guy who once owned the Powderkeg in Merritt. We had just been taught a lesson on Salmon Lake by guys who were whacking fish on “purple” chironomid patterns. We thought, ‘purple’? No way. Got to talking with Mr. Curmudgeon at the Keg and he showed us his pornomids. In truth he was extremely generous with his information and claimed to know the originator of the pattern. The ribbing was indeed red/pearl saltwater krystal flash and he actually gave us some from his personal inventory. Good luck finding that product today. He said the VHS tape had to go onto the hook shiny side down and that the rib had to go red side down. No mention of differing VHS tape colors, but most tape is purplish colored on the inside and darker and shinier on the outside. Matte black bead, black thread. Painted white eyeballs in either side of the bead. My saltwater krystal flash is so old now some of it delaminates when wrapping it but I use it anyway. Also, these days pretty much all of our chirons are coated with UV resin. A dab of UV resin over the eyeballs helps keep them
    intact. Superb fly, often works better than ‘match the hatch’ chirons. Great article!


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