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flyguys.net Official 2011 Ice Off Report!

... come on ice off!!!
flyguys.net Official 2011 Kamloops Area Lakes Ice Off Report

So this year we wanted to try to keep all of the ice off reports in one post.  We decided that the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish this was to use the comments / reply section at the end of the post. Might work, might not but we’ll give it a try and see how it goes! Check it out below! 😉

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Thanks & come on ice off!

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255 Responses to flyguys.net Official 2011 Ice Off Report!

  1. Rob says:

    Hey everyone, we’ve started this post for when the ice off reports start turning into fishing reports! Please help us keep it updated anf hopefully it will get as much use as this post did! 😛

  2. jim says:

    went to lundbom yesterday and i was able to walk across it , so i guess it’s a couple weeks or so b4 ice off .

  3. gates says:

    wondering if anyone has fished Paul lake yet? also has anyone been up to Hosli or bleeker this weekend?

  4. Steve says:

    Anyone know if Edith is ice free yet?

  5. Rob says:

    Pinantan is ice off.

  6. Walter says:

    Watching your ice off site. Going to Roche the week of the 9th of May
    any reports on the ice, the last picture is 16 April from the lodge and it didn’t
    look good. Thanks for the site.

  7. ken says:

    Fished scuitto sunday, monday. There is enough open water on the edges and the bays to spend the day. Only a few fish caught by me but my pet osprey “Stinky” did well. Nice to see so many well fed birds. I heard from a fellow camper that campbell came off fully on saturday so rven though i didn’t see it I believe the guy.

  8. Jayme H says:

    Any word on Red Lake? Is the ice off or close?


  9. kelly says:

    a wise old fisherman once told me..if there is no reports..fishing is a go! fished barnes lake past weekend …got a tan and fish…was a great weekend….horseshoe melts and then ices up at night again….so we went to cache creek..every lake in the area was iced ..slowly comin off….need some good weather

  10. Joe says:

    Hey, my kids want to go out this weekend, they have asked to head up to Isobel. Does anyone know if Isobel or Pass are open yet?

    • Ben says:

      Joe, I’m almost certain Isobel is still locked up. Also, there is always the chance of a kill there, so it can be a gamble. Best to wait until you know for sure Pass is open, and that way you’ll at least have a back-up.

      good luck!

    • Art Vandelay says:

      Hey Joe,

      My best guess is that Isobel will ice off early this coming week. However, as the lake is highly prone to winterkill I wouldn’t recommend taking the kids there (unless they don’t mind getting skunked) until the lake is stocked with a fresh batch of catchable rainbow trout, which will likely occur a couple of weeks after ice-off. Those fish are stocked at about 10″ in length and will be easy pickings for the kids.

  11. ken says:

    Pass is still iced as of last weekend.

  12. Shay says:


    Do you think fishing in the Merritt area will be good by May 14th this year? I’m hoping to get out to Harmon lake and possibly Kidd and try them out. Any idea if these lakes are subject to winter kill?


  13. BCKID says:

    Got this from another site:

    10-50 ft open around almost all the edges on Tunkwa. slushy beyond a couple hundred…a few more days.

    Leighton is open in front of the north boat launch to the islands, another week at least.

    Weekend heating and some wind should clear a bunch of lakes this weekend.

    Bring on the stillwater fishing!

  14. Heffleyjack says:

    Little Heffley almost ice free – should be all gone by tomorrow.

  15. BCKID says:

    Report from Tunkwa website.

    April 29/11
    29 Apr 2011
    Ice off is progressing quite quickly now, with night-time temps staying above freezing. Much more open water has formed along the edges, and the ice has started to honeycomb(rot), and has lost all of it’s strength. This weekends weather forecast, with it’s very warm temps and bright sun, should help considerably and we should see ice off quickly. We noted quite a few small chironomids(size 16) hatching in the open water along the edges yesterday, mother-nature is ready to start!

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