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Introduction to Chironomid Fishing e-Seminar

Introduction to Chironomid Fly Fishing e-Seminar

Introduction to Chironomid Fishing e-Seminar:

Originally presented live in the Spring of 2018, the Introduction to Chironomid fishing package is now available in e-Seminar format! This PDF eSeminar is very comprehensive, covering everything you will need to know to successfully begin fly fishing chironomids in and around the beautiful BC Interior’s mecca of trophy trout stillwater lakes.

The Introduction to Fly Fishing Chironomids eSeminar includes:

  • Entomology
  • Boat Setup & Positioning
  • Rods, Reels, Fly Lines, Leaders & knots
  • Other Essential Chironomid Fishing Equipment
  • Chironomid Fly Patterns
  • Putting it All Together
  • Tips & Tricks.

In addition, this eSeminar includes deep links to further informational articles and videos on various topics within it. And as our external web pages, social media and YouTube channel continue to grow, so will the information as accessed through the embedded links included, making this a truly dynamic and continually updating document!

Introduction to Chironomid Fly Fishing e-Seminar: $29.99 all in!

… you will receive download link/password email once payment is processed.


Or, if you’re not a paypal person, contact us to make other arrangements!  🙂

*For those of you that participated in the physical Introduction to Chironomid Fishing Seminar and would like to have the e-Seminar for reference, please contact us here for your free copy! 🙂 

*The vast majority of the information found in this e-Seminar can be found online, most of it through the flyguys.net website and social media pages where we have made it available at no cost!  The price of this e-Seminar is for the time and effort involved to organize all of the pertinent information in one place, supplemented with personal insights and the deeper knowledge links, in a manner which we believe will optimize your learning curve! Thank you for your support!

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