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Danvise Fly Tying Vise

Danvise Fly Tying Vise

The Danvise Fly Tying Vise …

... the Danvise Rotational Fly Tying ViseThe Danvise is a true inline rotary action fly tying vise! Constructed of Delrin, a space age technology which makes it light weight & super strong! The jaws are made of top-quality tempered steel and the kit includes a bobbin rest/wire holder, a material clip, a C-clamp to mount it to your working surface and a reversing block for “left hand” tiers! The vise stem is sturdy and provides for smooth height adjustment.

This is the same rotational fly tying vise that we’ve used, and still use today, to crank out thousands of fly patterns every year!

……. Only $149.99 All In plus $12.00 flat rate shipping.

… On Back Order … please email us to get on the back order list.

or …
Order via email to Arrange for Local (Kamloops) Pick up & save on shipping! 😉

* for more information check out our danvise review!

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