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UV Leech Fly Pattern

... the UV Leech Fly Pattern - a BC Interior Still Water lake must have fly!

The UV Leech Fly Pattern … by Mark Y

UV Leech Fly Pattern …

The UV Leech fly pattern is my favorite starting and finishing fly on any lake. The tungsten bead gets it in the zone quick and keeps it there during windy days. You can play around with color combinations but don’t mess with the UV … it really makes the fly! πŸ™‚

UV Leech Fly Pattern | Material List:

  • Hook: Mustad size 12 – 14 Long curved
  • Bead: Tungsten (Black 3/32)
  • Thread: Black
  • Tail: Black & Maroon Marabou / Black Holographic Tinsel
  • Body:Β  Stillwater Maroon/Black Sparkle Dubbing
  • Rib: Medium/Fine Red Wire / UV Crystal Flash

* don’t skimp on the bead, tungsten gets the UV Leech fly in the zone, keeps it there, and gives this fly the perfect action! πŸ˜‰

UV Leech Fly Pattern

A beauty Kamloops Rainbow fooled by the UV Leech Fly Pattern

UV Leech Fly Pattern | Tying Instructions:

… and if a picture is worth a thousand words here’s a video to make it crystal clear πŸ™‚

UV Leech Fly Pattern | Tying Tips:

  • As mentioned above, the tungsten bead is a very important part of the UV Leech fly. It gets it down into the zone quickly and then keeps it there. It also gives the fly the perfect action. Yes brass beads are cheaper but they will not work the same so we highly recommend sticking with the tungsten.
  • When tying in the marabou tail do so right behind the bead and work it all the way down the hook shank to the point where the actual tail will begin. This technique will add body to the fly as well as avoid that dreaded “lump” in the fly where the body stops and the tail starts.
  • The UV crystal flash in this leech fly pattern is the “magic” so make sure that you counter wind it up the body so that it does not “sink in” and disappear. You can also use this material on chironomids, pheasant tail mayfly nymphs and damsels πŸ˜‰

UV Leech Fly Pattern | Fly Fishing Techniques:

I use the UV Leech fly pattern almost exclusively under an indicator … wind drifted or twitched near the bottom.Β  It can, however, also be cast, allowed to sink to the desired depth, and then slowly retrieved back to the boat. The latter being especially effective when cast into the extreme shallows and worked outwards at those times, like right after ice off, when the fish seem to be in very tight to shore. I also highly recommend a the use of a loop knot to give the UV Leech fly maximum action! πŸ˜‰

Good luck!
Mark Y

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